Financial Planning Referrals

ASR Partners is not a financial planning practice but we refer our client to a specialist financial planning firm InterPrac. We can therefore provide you a cost effective excellent service by relying on our network partners to provide you with the right advice.

InterPrac. is endorsed by the National Tax & Accountants’ Association and was formed over 10 years ago with the aim of working with accountants and financial planners to offer a range of services to their clients. Today they work in partnership with a range of professionals, including risk insurance specialists, estate planning experts, and SMSF consultants. InterPrac offer a flexible solution for advisers and pride themselves on having an integrated and practical approach, as the name suggests.

InterPrac Financial Planning (AFSL 246638), is independently owned, and therefore not aligned with any particular financial product provider. This gives them significant advantage, allowing advisers to give their clients quality advice and services in their best interests, without the bias of a restrictive recommended product list or external corporate culture. Their broad approved product list offers freedom of choice, and gives clients access to a wide range of possible solutions to best meet their immediate and longer term financial goals.

Contact InterPrac on:
Tel. (03) 9209 9777.