Action Plan – Don’t Panic

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Don't Panic

Ten Point Action Plan

  1. Isolate yourself as this is the best you can do to stop the virus spreading and infecting others. Work from home as this has been proven to reduce infections and death.
  2. If isolation is not possible, practice social distancing as advised by the health authorities.
  3. Check your various insurance policies to see if any cover this situation – It is unlikely, but you never know.
  4. Contact your landlord and advise them if you will have trouble paying rent.
  5. Contact your bank if you need to defer payments of your mortgage.
  6. Make sure you have setup your Mygov account and have online access.
  7. Make sure you have lodged all your tax obligations as this is often required for receiving government assistance.
  8. Apply for Newstart and Coronavirus assistance via Mygov if you lose your job or are stood down during this period of crisis.
  9. Prepare for the possibility of contracting the virus. A list of contact number. Medicines you may need. Emergency plan as some people will become critical very quickly.
  10. If you have land or a plot that you can access, plant some vegetable seeds. Broccoli, lettuce, Bok choy, cabbage, peas, onions, carrots. It will give you something to do and provide bonus food

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